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God’s Love as My Love for My Cat

One way I wrap my head around the idea of God’s infinite and unconditional love (as I think of it — you may have an entire different relationship with God that is so personal you only whisper about it to each other and you may also just not have an interest in God even a little and you’re thinking, “Oof. JonBenet Mike was pretty rough; do I want to deal with God Mike too?” And you may not. And I love you anyway) is I think about my cat, Little Baby Fosco, and how it’s impossible he can understand the true depths of my love for him. He just can’t. He’s a cat. I’m a human. For you it may be a dog. My love for Fosco is literally unconditional and all-consuming. I hope to God your love isn’t a lizard.

(Btw, we all wanna say we love our partners with perfect unconditional love, but that’s a metaphor and we all know it. There are always some conditions there.)

There’s nothing that will ever make me stop loving Fosco. L i t e r a l l y nothing. He has pooped on the bathroom floor on ::more:: than one occasion, often out of spite, and Zach would only get maybe TWO accidents like that. See: conditions.

He is my world, this cat. I am MAYBE in his top 20. I don’t care. I love him with no reservations, no agendas, no emotional baggage. Oh, and by the way, there are two other cats in this house here and I love those fuckers equally as much too (except Peter, who I love, but…all of have sinned and fallen short and yadda yadda yadda).

Anyway, all that gushing about my cat is like God and me. I cannot comprehend something like God, or God’s love. I think I feel it, and I’m sure that’s real, and it’s also nowhere near to what God is thinking/feeling about me at any given moment. And God only ::sometimes:: makes it into my Top 50. (I could love God a lot more than I do. We’re still in the “Oh, you load the dishwasher ::that:: way” phase.)

AND GOD DOESN’T CARE. God isn’t holding emotional grudges. What’s being offered to me, to you, (unless you ::really:: don’t want it/don’t believe/are doing good on your own/gave at the office), to all of us is this exceptionally uncomplicated love.

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